Best School In Gurgaon

Best School in Gurgaon

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With its best-in-class teaching ability, KIIT World School tops the list of the Best School in Gurgaon. It provides a world-class infrastructure along with the best teaching staff. The aim of this school is to provide the best education and knowledge to its students. The school is affiliated with the CBSE board. The school runs classes from nursery to Intermediate, with high-quality teaching staff and super supportive classmates. Those who are looking for higher education and long-term success can join the school. Located in the heart of Gurgaon.

The Basic Facilities Available at KIIT World School

If you search the internet for Best School Near Me you will get KIIT as the first recommendation based on the facilities provided in the school. A few of them are listed below-

best school in Gurgaon

A significant amount of knowledge and abilities learned in school are necessary for living a successful life. At KIIT’s best school in Gurgaon, it is their mission to impart wisdom rather than focus on just securing results.

An education system is the ideal setting for training and healthy growth. The determination of the faculty, the work of the learners, and every other member of the school staff serve as the pillars of this foundation. The relevance of selecting the correct school is one of the reasons KIIT is the best school in Gurgaon and has continued to offer our kids an educated setting.

Classrooms – In KIIT the best school in Gurgaon, classrooms are installed with smart boards, where the students enjoy classroom studies with the help of digital learning where they can learn the practicality with the help of digital sourcing.

Auditorium – The auditorium is available for use by students of KIIT World School for events and recreational activities. The pupils’ development and interaction with other students will help them gain confidence.


Infirmary – KIIT WORLD school has an infirmary and doctors on call so that children can receive appropriate care if they become ill or are wounded on school property. There are a number of beds in the school’s infirmary that can hold a number of students at once.

Laboratories: For experimentation and improved computer education, KIIT has laboratories. Therefore, having computer and scientific laboratories is essential. At KIIT the best school in Gurgaon, there are various laboratories where the children get to acknowledge their potential scientists or medical practitioner in them.

Clubs – KIIT is the best schools in Gurgaon because it provides the facility for students to join different clubs so that they can explore their interests and can take decisions on the particular fields they want to explore in their lives. Clubs such as Literary Club, Robotics Club, Theatre Club, Creative Club, Health & Wellness, Innovation Club, Heritage Club, Surtaal Club, Interact & Eco Club, Mathematics Club, and Performing Art Club.

Sports – Sports and physical education must be essential components of education because they help children build a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle from an early age. To keep students physically active, the KIIT best school in Gurgaon for sports clubs organizes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Library – If we talk About labs and libraries, The school provides fully equipped labs for science stream students with proper tools that’s why it is the best schools in Gurgaon. The library of the school is huge and filled with books for book lovers in the library one can find many types of books like educational books, fiction books, historical books, classics, fairy tales, folk tales, and many more.

Why KIIT is the No 1 School in Gurgaon?

The school uses a very unique method of teaching for which they got awarded too, many awards are named to this school, One of the best and most popular awards given to this school is the “International school awards 2022” with the title “Best School with the Best Education”.

The education system of this school is very excellent because here only an average number of students are present in a single class which helps the faculty member and staff members to focus on each and every student and can track their performance in the best school in Gurgaon which helps the students in better understanding of the concept both theoretically and practically.

Best School In Gurgaon

The teachers and the staff of this school are very supportive and kind they try to help students in any possible way. The main aim of the school is:-

  • Provide a safe and secure environment to the students.
  • help students use a positive approach to every problem.
  • Teach students to respect each and every one.
  • Encourage students to learn new skills and never fear any trouble.

School Life

At KIIT best school In Gurgaon, Student’s life is full of adventure and enjoyment. The school has many clubs for the students which helps them both practically and mentally.

  • Robotic club – In this club students get to know about robotics and advanced AI technology students can also present their own ideas and can work on them.
  • Theatre club – This club is basically for entertainment purposes, In this club students perform dramas, skits, and short films to showcase their talent for acting.
  • Creative club – This is a club for the creative ones, In this club, students show their creativity by using waste materials.
  • English literary club – This club is for the one who has an interest in poetry and writing.


The playground of the school is so huge that outdoor games can be played, very smoothly at the best school in Gurgaon which is KIIT. The sports which are played by the school are both outdoor and indoor. The outdoor games are football, volleyball, cricket, racing, and many more. The indoor games are chess, ludo, tennis, carrom and many more.

Events and Activities

This school conducts Many types of events and activities such as –

  • Summer sojourn – Summer sojourn at the best school in Gurgaon is basically a summer camp in which students can participate and perform many activities which help to build their mental health.
  • Independence Day – It’s a big event that is organized by the school on the day of Independence here, flag hosting is done by the principal of the school, and dancing, and singing of patriotic songs are done by school students in the form of groups.
  • Sports day – One of the best and most enthusiastic days for the students.

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