Director's Message

Director's Message

Prof. (Dr.) M. Sen Gupta

Director (Academics)

KIIT World School,
Sohna Road, Gurugram (Haryana)

It gives me an immense pleasure to bring forth a new chapter of KIIT World School, the fruit of labour, devotion and commitment. Young children are like saplings who need the right nurturing from the beginning At KIIT, We believe in fostering the young minds with appropriate sunshine of intellect, continuous stream of fruitful learning and an air of high quality mentoring. A school is where children are nurtured reared and shaped in such a manner that their mental abilities are enhanced and attitudes channelized. Their power of senses and skills are developed and strengthened to make them we rounded personalities. Therefore the onerous task of molding a child values, personality and attitude lies greatly on the solders of the school so that the children who pass out from the school are knowledgeable, confident and masters of their own destinies. I feel proud of the teaching and administrative staff of KIIT for rendering impeccable service in overall devolvement of children. I am certain that the legacy of commitment will continue in KIIT World School, Gurugram to enable young minds to rise to the challenges of the times with elan and build an empowered India.

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